What to Do with Your Student Discount in Dublin

Student life can place a bit of a strain on your finances. You have to buy essentials such as food and toiletries and cleaning products, and you need money to go out and socialise with your college mates. The general understanding is that students have to budget, and part of this is sacrificing the non-essential things so that you can afford the important stuff.

If you’re going to college in Dublin and you’re unsure how you’re supposed to buy the essentials and go to one of the student events that take place every night of the week – that’s right, there genuinely is something going on every night of the week – then you’re in the right place.

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Helping Your Child Settle into College: A Parent’s Guide

When your child heads off to college, they’re signing up for a career-enhancing education, they’re signing up for a chance to meet like-minded people, and they’re signing up to an experience that will secure their independence and help them properly cross the threshold to adulthood. They’re going to have to learn how to take care of themselves, and as a parent, it’s only natural for you to worry.

When your child is 18, they will more than likely think that they’re ready to handle the big, bad world – but, in reality, it’s their first time making properly adult decisions, so the chances are that they’ll need a little bit of support from you. That said, it can be difficult providing that support without stepping on their toes.

Here’s how you can help them settle into college without making them feel that you’re taking away their newfound independence.

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