How to Make the Most of Your First Year at College

Your first year in college will be one of the best times of your life. You’ll further your education, meet loads of great people, and really get stuck into a new way of living. It will be your first go at living independently, and here’s how you can make the most of your time as a first-year student.

1. Don’t Fall Behind

Your first year of college is generally more relaxed than the years that follow, but this doesn’t mean that you should let yourself fall behind. You will be busy socialising and getting involved in all the student events on offer, but the first year of your degree is where your lectures will lay down the groundwork for your chosen topic(s). Second year will be a lot more difficult for you if you go into it having fallen behind and therefore have to catch up.

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What to Do with Your Student Discount in Dublin

Student life can place a bit of a strain on your finances. You have to buy essentials such as food and toiletries and cleaning products, and you need money to go out and socialise with your college mates. The general understanding is that students have to budget, and part of this is sacrificing the non-essential things so that you can afford the important stuff.

If you’re going to college in Dublin and you’re unsure how you’re supposed to buy the essentials and go to one of the student events that take place every night of the week – that’s right, there genuinely is something going on every night of the week – then you’re in the right place.

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Helping Your Child Settle into College: A Parent’s Guide

When your child heads off to college, they’re signing up for a career-enhancing education, they’re signing up for a chance to meet like-minded people, and they’re signing up to an experience that will secure their independence and help them properly cross the threshold to adulthood. They’re going to have to learn how to take care of themselves, and as a parent, it’s only natural for you to worry.

When your child is 18, they will more than likely think that they’re ready to handle the big, bad world – but, in reality, it’s their first time making properly adult decisions, so the chances are that they’ll need a little bit of support from you. That said, it can be difficult providing that support without stepping on their toes.

Here’s how you can help them settle into college without making them feel that you’re taking away their newfound independence.

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5 Things You Should Know as a Fresher in Dublin


People travel from far and wide for the Dublin experience, the guidebooks say that the nightlife is outstanding, visitors say that the people are friendly, and the league tables say that the education is exceptional, so why wouldn’t you want to come here? The city attracts plenty of new students each year, all looking to get stuck in and make the most of their time. Continue Reading

Cork Freshers 2018: Student Event Guide

Cork is home to some great colleges that offer career-enhancing courses. Freshers’ week is a rite of passage, and you’ll find that the first month of college is packed full of events that are designed to help you settle in and meet new people. Whether it’s late-night events or daytime bonding sessions, your first few weeks will be an immersive experience – and you really should make the most of it. Continue Reading

What Type of Student Are You?

You’ll meet loads of new people when you head off to college; there will be everything from academic types to party animals, all with different-but-recognisable qualities. You’ll probably find that your group of mates has at least one of these types in there, and you never know, you might even be one of them too….

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What to Do with Your Student Discount in Cork

Student life is known for being a bit of a financial challenge. Not only do you have to pay for food and essentials like toilet roll, but you also have to have enough money to go out and socialise with friends. Some students think that you have to sacrifice things in order to get by (like living on a diet of instant noodles so that you can afford each night out), but that’s not the case.

If you’re going to college in Cork and you’re wondering how on Earth you’re supposed to feed and entertain yourself this weekend and have enough money to go to Havana Brown’s student night on Monday, then look no further, because your favourite Cork-based businesses and high-street chains have got yo’ back.

That’s right: you don’t have to sacrifice those creature comforts; you’ve got a powerful little card in your pocket that knocks money off the cost of things… and this is how you can use it.

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International Students: What to Expect from Life in Dublin

Every city has its own culture, and no matter where you go you’ll always get to experience something new. Dublin is no exception. If you want to have a truly Irish experience and learn all about the city that shaped some of the greatest minds in history, you’re in the right place.

There’s plenty to see and do here in the Irish capital – stuff that will give you a true taste of Irish living. It might not be what you’re used to, but Dublin definitely offers a unique student experience.

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Cork’s Best Study Spots

Cork’s world-class college has some of the best facilities available to students. But with a student population of more than 25,000, it can be a bit tricky getting a seat in the library when it comes time to hit the books – not to mention that sitting in the same building day in, day out can get a little bit boring. It can be difficult concentrating when you’re not comfortable with your surroundings, so when you feel the procrastination coming on, it’s time to mix it up and find a new study spot.

Fortunately, Cork has plenty of hidden gems where you can connect to the Wi-Fi, spread your textbooks out, and get stuck into a bit of revision.

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