Uninest Student Residences Ireland

Information for Parents

At Uninest Student Residences we are aware of the responsibility we have towards all students living in our accommodation, as well as to their parents and guardians. We recognize that, for many of our residents, this will be their first time living away from home, and that, as parents, you will want to be involved in the process of choosing your child’s first independent accommodation.

Our promise is to provide all the information you require in order for you to feel as much at ease as possible. We are dedicated to making your child’s student experience a comfortable and happy one in an environment where they can feel safe and secure – and somewhere you will feel content to leave them.

Creating Comfortable Student Accommodation

Uninest Student Residences creates purpose-built student accommodation in Dublin, bringing a high level of service to the student community. We take pride in our continued and efficient delivery of quality security, and attention to detail that allows our residents to relax and concentrate on their studies during their time with us.

All of our student accommodation is furnished to a high and premium standard. Regardless of whether your child chooses a studio or a shared residence, we aim to provide a pleasant living environment with plenty of space to study and relax. The majority of our accommodation includes a common area for our residents to enjoy some time together, and, for those odd moments when the sunshine bursts through the clouds, our students can relax in the outdoor courtyard.

Bills and Security

We strive to create an easy experience that helps put parents’ minds at ease while their child is living away from home. In order to make sure this happens, we take care of several aspects of the renting process by including all bills and internet in our weekly package, as well as offering an onsite maintenance team. If things should go wrong within your child’s accommodation, we will be on hand to fix any problem quickly and cheerfully. We will also happily take delivery of any parcels at our reception desk.

Security is high on our list of priorities at Uninest Student Residences in our efforts to provide the best and most thorough service possible. That is why each of our student residences includes 24 hour CCTV, and all of our flats, studios and individual rooms are protected by fob lock entry.

Are we the Right New Home for Your Child?

The best way to find this out is simply by paying us a visit and exploring our accommodation for yourself. While you are here we will answer as many of your questions as possible regarding:

  • Pastoral care
  • The move-in and move-out process
  • Onsite parking
  • Payment plans
  • Cancellation policy

If you have any questions prior to your visit, please see the FAQs for the residence in which you’re interested in more details.

Our 5 Promises and National Code

We want both our residents and their parents to recommend us to others. It is in that vein, as well as our position as a National Code-accredited provider of student accommodation, that we try and make everything we do as upfront and transparent as possible.

To achieve all that, we make 5 promises to our students that we hope will give you as their parent or guardian a strong indication of what to expect from Uninest Student Residences.

  1. If things break or go wrong in our buildings, we will endeavour to fix them quickly and cheerfully.
  2. We will actively seek student involvement in Uninest Student Residences through placements, enabling us to ensure that what we provide is shaped by those we work for.
  3. The people who work in your building have been hired for their integrity, friendliness and willingness to go that bit further.
  4. We’ll be upfront about all the costs involved when living with us.
  5. We know we can’t get everything right all of the time, so we will read and consider all of your suggestions on how to improve our services.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the above, or you would like more information about a particular accommodation please contact us at info@unineststudents.ie or alternatively contact the individual location you require.